First GrInShield workshop: “Material characterization and manipulation at the nano level”

The first workshop organized within the GrInShield project was specifically focused on nanohandling technologies. The workshop, titled “Material Characterization and Manipulation at the Nano Level,” took place at the prestigious Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. In this workshop, participants learned about the advanced techniques used to study and arrange nanoobjects at the nanoscale level. Dr Muhammad Yasir and his team, Dr Fabian von Kleist-Retzowvkr and Dr Waldemar Klauser showed astonishing possibilities of the multiscale and multimodular instruments which were developed by Prof Dr-Ing. habil. Sergej Fatkow’s group. Participants were introduced to frontier techniques for the simultaneous analysis of morphology, topology, and electrical properties at the nanoscale. 

Thanks to our dedicated hosts, the VINCA team together with FTPO and IEMN participated in comprehensive and efficient training which built new bridges for collaboration and improvement of all sides.

Photos from the oral and practical sessions of the workshop

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