Participant of the GrInShield project attended a PhD course in Lille, France

As part of the GrInShield Project, Mila Milenković participated in the PhD course “Boost Your Digital Identity and Use of Social Media” organized by Lille University on May 28-29, 2024. 
Led by Dr. Teele Tõnismann, who holds dual PhDs in political science and public administration from Sciences-Po Toulouse and Tallinn University of Technology, the course offered an in-depth exploration of crucial topics such as understanding digital identity, enhancing digital visibility, and expanding professional networks through social media. Participants learned valuable strategies for optimizing their LinkedIn profiles and selecting effective keywords to improve their online reach and visibility.  Besides that, networking lunches provided opportunities for informal discussions and building professional connections, enhancing the overall learning experience. 

PhD course "Boost Your Digital Identity and Use of Social Media" Lille, France

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