GrInShield at the 16th Science Fair

The 16th Science Fair, held in Belgrade from 17th to 19th May 2023. The fair allows students and scientists from different backgrounds to demonstrate their knowledge through workshops and experiments. With a bustling atmosphere filled with excitement and curiosity, the fair provided an ideal setting for enthusiasts of all ages to explore the marvels of science.

Our team had the opportunity to prepare a workshop on graphene, where we delved into its structure, properties, and applications. We aimed to captivate the audience with a seamless narrative, providing an engaging and informative session on this remarkable material. We had a fun time with the young participants, creating graphene-like structures using colorful clay. With a disco ball and a tent, we demonstrated how graphene can protect from electromagnetic waves. 

The 16th Science Fair not only enlightened minds but also ignited a passion for science that will continue to guide us toward a brighter future.

The 16th Science Fair held from 09.05.-11.05.2023., Belgrade

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