GrInShield is in the news!

The GrInShield project has gained significant attention in the media, with more than ten newspaper articles highlighting its main objectives. One particularly noteworthy mention came from Politika, a renowned daily newspaper with a century-long tradition. The project secured a prominent spot on the front page of this respected publication, bringing it to the forefront of public awareness. Furthermore, several online portals, such as,,, and, along with the website of the Italian Trade Agency, also published articles shedding light on the GrInShield project and its goals.

Besides, the GrInShield was presented to a broad audience on Radio Television of Serbia which is Serbia’s national broadcaster. They got featured on both “The Morning Program” and the “Scientific Portal”, which predominantly attracts viewers with a strong curiosity in science and innovation.

“This project focuses on the development of a new material designed to block low-frequency electromagnetic waves. Within the project, efforts will be dedicated to synthesizing and modifying various graphene-based composites. The resulting materials will have applications in textile production as well as the creation of protective foils for shielding instruments from electromagnetic radiation” said Dr Svetlana Jovanović Vučetić, the leader of the GrInShield project.

Dr Jovanović and Dr Kepić at "The Morning Program"

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