Young GrInShield researchers gaining valuable experience at FTPO

One of the goals of the GrInShield project is to elevate the expertise and practical knowledge of young researchers in esteemed European Union institutions.

March 15th marked the beginning of an exciting journey for two highly motivated and promising students, Andjela Stefanović and Aleksandra Mišović. They have started an exciting journey by enrolling as students at Faculty of Polymer Technology (FTPO) in Slovenia for an entire semester. FTPO, a prestigious institution in the EU known for its advancements in polymer synthesis, technology, and processing, is an ideal partner for Andjela and Aleksandra. This collaboration will enable these aspiring researchers to gain valuable practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and hands-on training using state-of-the-art equipment. This opportunity will greatly contribute to their professional development, setting them on a path to becoming prominent experts in their chosen fields.
The deepest gratitude goes to their kind hosts, Dr Huskić, Associate Professor, and Dr Nardin the dean of FTPO. The warm welcome and constant support provided by these exceptional individuals have facilitated a smooth and inspiring transition into the FTPO community. Through their invaluable guidance and mentorship, Andjela and Aleksandra are guaranteed the best possible learning experience during their time at FTPO.

Professor Huskić with our team members Andjela Stefanović and Aleksandra Mišović

The polymer laboratories at FTPO

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