GrInShield project builds strong collaboration at CETIC meeting in Belgium

Coordinator of the GrInShield project Dr Jovanović, and the leader of the Work Packages Dr Kepić, attended a notable event  at the CETIC facilities, in Charleroi, Belgium at the end of February 2023.

This meeting was organized by GrInShield partner CNRS-UL-IEMN and Dr Kamel Haddadi. Stephane Mouton, the Director of Operations at CETIC, kindly hosted the meeting, ensuring a warm and welcoming environment for the participants The purpose of the meeting was to delve into various subjects related to joint proposals and action plans, with a focus on fostering collaboration between the participating parties. Fueled by a shared enthusiasm for pushing the limits of knowledge, the discussions during the meeting were intense and productive. 

Our scientists also took the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Belgium. One notable site they visited was the Atomium, a magnificent structure that was built in 1958. Serving as an emblem of an era when scientists and engineers were making groundbreaking discoveries and advancements, the Atomium holds great significance as a symbol of human innovation and achievement .


Dr Kepić and Dr Jovanović at the Atomium

Dr Jovanović at Grand-Place Square in Brussels

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