PHOTOGUN4MICROBES two-day Workshop

On May 30, 2023, GrInShield’s participant and a coordinator of PHOTOGUN4MICROBES project, funded by Serbia Science Fond through program IDEJE, Prof. Dr Biljana Todorović Marković has opened today a two-day Workshop focused on the production of antibacterial polymer composites. Prof. Dr Zoran Marković presented the topic in a very dawn-to-eart but comprehensive way, explaining the phenomenon behind the antibacterial effects of carbon-based nanoparticles. 

On the next day, Dr Milica Budimir, the leader of WP2 in the GrInShield project and a member of the PHOTOGUN4MICROBES team, presented her remarkable achievements in the PHOTOGUN4MICROBES project and her PhD research conducted at the University of Lille under the supervision of Prof. Rabah and Prof. Marković. She showcased her exceptional skills in polymer manipulation and expertise in producing photoactive composites. Additionally, Dr Dušan Milivojević discussed the applications and limitations of electron paramagnetic resonance in analyzing reactive oxygen production.  Students across Belgrade University, from the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Physical Faculty, Faculty of Technology, and Faculty of Chemistry showed a great interest in the field and further collaboration with our group. 

With a hope to see these young people in our laboratory, the GrInShield team wishes you great success in your studies and finding your path hopefully in the science field!


Participants of PHOTOGUN4MICROBES Workshop

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