Secound EUTA workshop

The EUTA training continued on 12th and 13th April. During this session, we delved deeper into various aspects of project preparation and implementation. With the guidance of our long-term collaborator and advisor, MSc Marija Šola Spasić, we overcome procurement issues and legal questions regarding Horizon Europe project preparation and implementation. Some questions were raised while others were answered. 
On the following day, Professor Stojanović shared his knowledge on tools that can enhance the quality and efficiency of project implementation. He drew from his experience with EU-funded projects, highlighting potential challenges and offering advice on achieving success.
Through an intensive training, the GrInShield team united the research, financial, and legal departments, leading to remarkable progress in our administration. By working collectively, we now have a better understanding of the issues faced by researchers, allowing us to take immediate action. We extend our gratitude to Marija, Goran, and the rest of the EUTA team for their knowledge, inspiration, and support.

EUTA's second workshop with all participants

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