The GrInShield project kick-off meeting

The GrInShield project kick-off meeting was held in Belgrade, Serbia, November 21-23, 2022. The meeting gathered participants from Serbia, Germany, and Slovenia!  The meeting was very fruitful for the start of the project. The kick-off meeting provided an opportunity to introduce the project scope and structure, as well as its overall management concepts and the specific work plans for each work package, and also paved the way for all participating in research infrastructure to have a shared understanding of the connection between the work packages.

GrInShield Kick-off meeting, 22.11.2023, in Belgrade, Serbia

Apart from representatives for the host institution, Prof. Dr. Snežana Pajović (VINCA), Dr. Dragana Marinković (VINCA), a partner from Germany Dr. Muhammad Yasir (Uni Oldenburg) presented the ongoing research at Uni Oldenburg, their infrastructure, and equipment, after which a discussion panel took place about the work to be performed at Uni Oldenburg in the first year of the GrInShield project.

Dr. Muhammad Yasir (Uni Oldenburg) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blaž Nardin (FTPO), dean of FTPO

Then Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blaž Nardin (FTPO), dean of FTPO presented the structure and the study program of FTPO, as well as the collaborating companies involved in getting the practical knowledge and equipment. After the presentation, a discussion about the GrInShield project goals took place.

Each working package was presented by Dr. Svetlana Jovanović Vučetić, Dr. Milica Budimir, Dr. Jovana Prekodravac, Dr. Duška Kleut, and Dr. Dejan Kepić.

Dr. Prekodravac in the lab showing the experiment to a cameraman from Serbian national TV (upper left), VINCA team at the end of kick-off meeting- tired and inspired (upper right), Dr. Yasirs at kick-off meeting(lower left), Dr. Budimir presenting GrInShield tasks (center), Dr. Prekodravac and Dr. Kepić presenting banner (middle, right), and Dr. Kepić at shouting of TW show “Science Portal”, Serbian national television (lower right).

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